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The challenge of college essays is to say what you mean and mean what you say. The tension in this challenge comes from the first part, not the second. You’ve heard in the information sessions or read in the guides that your essay(s) provide the admissions committee the opportunity to get to know you – a big burden for 500 words or less. If you’re struggling with a topic, a format, too few or two many words, maybe I can help. This is NOT an offer to buy prepared essays. It is an offer to take you through the writing process, beginning to end. Work may be done over the internet, on the phone, in my home, or all three. The price ($250/essay) is for each complete work, regardless of the number of hours spent.


I’ve tried many careers in this life in search of the right fit for the different needs of pre-family, mid-family and now post-family. Each of the choices, with the possible exception of brief forays into real estate and customized crafts, was made with the hope of staying connected to the world of words. Copywriting and the ad agency work demanded that I give shape and focus to other people’s thoughts, ideas and aspirations. Freelancing, on the other hand, let me explore my own areas of interest, formulate my own ideas, and choose my own words to talk about topics ranging from education, to poverty in the rural South. Teaching and tutoring allowed me to share my passion for words and encourage students to choose words carefully as they gave voice to their thoughts.

My most recent job has been marshalling my own children through the college application process. We read all of the books on choosing a college, studied the guides, attended the information sessions and took the tours. Despite attending a rigorous high school where five page English papers were written every two weeks, and five page history papers were turned in during the intervening weeks, they both found the college application essays daunting. Thoughtful and honest answers to “Why a Liberal Arts Education?” or “Discuss a time when you stepped out of your comfort zone” became more intimidating than coming up with a thesis for a Hamlet paper or a sound discussion of the role of Hollywood in WWII.   They went through all of the stages from trying to determine what the college was looking for, to writing what they thought they should, to finally writing what they wanted and what they knew best. The oldest graduated from Vanderbilt University in 2006, and her younger sister is a sophomore at Boston College.
B.A. Carlow College

English Major – Secondary Ed. Minor

Graduate work – University of Pittsburgh

Related Work Experience:

-High School English Teacher

St. Paul’s Cathedral H.S., Pittsburgh, PA

Cherry Hill H.S., Cherry Hill, NJ

-Copywriter – The Bureau of National Affairs, Washington, D.C.

-Freelance Writer

-Principal, Ad Agency – St.Clair-Lodge, Washington D.C.

.-Writing Tutor