At-Risk Children

In times of crisis a barrage of emotions often overwhelm parents. The confusion and desperation associated with a troubled teen can be extremely trying. As alternatives are explored, how do you know what options are available? Of the many forms of intervention, which meet the unique needs of your child?

Sington Educational Consulting helps parents build a promising future for their child and their entire family.

We are trained experts who possess comprehensive knowledge of placement options. We specialize in crisis intervention and have extensive experience advising families with children who have emotional and behavioral difficulties. Our expertise is used to advise you on the most suitable placement for your child. Our consultants thoroughly interview both the child and family to determine individual needs and concerns.

Getting to know you and your child in a neutral environment is vital to discovering a solution. In some cases, testing may be done to determine specific learning and behavioral patterns. Some consultants administer these tests themselves; others make referrals to other professionals for testing. Teens who are “acting out” can appear very similar although the underlying roots of the behavior may be quite different. An individualized approach is required to respond to a child’s particular needs. A knowledgeable consultant can help you find which programs are suited for your child. Research is done to find the best fit for your child.

Because consultants have helped a variety of troubled teens, they are aware of the multitude of options and can expeditiously target the best choices.

After your child has been placed, Sington Educational Consulting follows up to monitor progress. We often work as a part of a treatment team in conjunction with therapists and can also serve as support for the parents. Consultants look beyond the current placement and assist in planning for your child’s continued progress.

Sington Consulting advises on all facets of your child’s care. The professional and confidential intervention often brings long awaited direction to troubled families.

Educational Testing

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