About Our Services and Programs Offered

  • Choosing the right school for your child K-12
    While most families know what schools their child will attend, many times obstacles or bumps in the road that were unexpected unveil themselves in this process. The development of each students’ education is one of the most important components of their lives and it is imperative that each child is in the right place to grow, mature and learn not only in academics but educated as a whole child, physically, emotionally, academically and psychologically.
  • Choosing the right college or university for your child
    The process of attending post-secondary institutions can be overwhelming to even the most involved parents and students. Today’s colleges and universities are more competitive than ever and understanding the verbiage and the steps needed to secure a college education is paramount to your success
  • ACT/SAT Prep
    While there are many programs set up for standardized testing help and support, helping individuals determine which program is the best for their needs is a very important component. Sington Consulting also has tutors and programs on staff to work with those in need of help as well. From writing the successful essay to conquering the tests, we are ready to help.
  • Financial Aid Workshops
    This part of the college process is a great mystery to many. There are so many different ways to ensure that financial aid and scholarships are in place so that one may attend a post-secondary institution. Don’t let free money pass you by. Make the system work for you!
  • Paths to Scholarship Program
    This program, taught by Certified PTS instructors, is a great way to make sure you identify all monies available to each. While most people believe that there is only money for certain people in certain levels of the educational system, this is simply NOT TRUE. Monies and awards are available for students as young as kindergarten!
  • Disciplinary and Behavioral Issues
    An area that has a tremendous realm for successful education, Sington Consulting works with the best licensed and certified Educational Testing Psychologists available. Also on staff are Drs. of Pharmacology to ensure that medications and/or behavioral plans are on track and in the best interest of each individual
  • Learning Disabilities
    Again, identifying and putting plans into place is the basis for successful learning, no matter what level the student. Our Psychologists and Pharmacologists in conjunction with Dr. Sington have been rated as a high specialty with 90% success rate
  • Tutoring: Group or Individual
    • Remediation
    • Enrichment and Accelerated Learning
      Tutoring in all areas is available through Sington Consulting
    • Mentoring
      Mentoring is a key component to success for many. Whether the situation is one of single parenting, lack of formal education, or help in steering your child in the right direction, Sington Consulting assigns mentors to individuals to support their process of maturation as a young adult.